The working principle of the wireless remote switch

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The wireless remote switch adopts radio remote control technology to realize wireless control of various electronic equipment. Radio remote control technology is a technology that uses radio signals to implement long-distance control of controlled objects. Its propagation medium is radio waves, and the frequency usually used is several megahertz to hundreds of megahertz.

The wireless remote switch consists of a remote control (transmitter) that can be moved at will and a fixed switch receiver. It uses radio frequency identification (Radio frequency identification) technology to control various electronic devices by the wireless remote control.

The working principle of the wireless remote switch
The wireless remote switch is composed of two parts, the receiver and the transmitter. The transmitter can modulate the coded information on the high-frequency carrier signal by modulating the control buttons of the controller, and then generate a modulated wave to send out. We can also send the transmitter A machine is understood as an encoder. When radio waves propagate through the air to the receiving end, the electromagnetic field changes caused by the waves will generate current in the conductor. The receiver decodes the received wireless signal to the encoded signal, extracts the information from the changing current, and obtains the signal corresponding to the control button, and then controls the corresponding circuit. We can put the receiver understood as a decoder. The decoded electrical signal directly drives relays, electronic switches and other devices to achieve predetermined functions. The remote control presses different buttons to generate different 0 and 1 alternately coded signals, and then uses it to modulate the high-frequency carrier (the commonly used frequency range is 38kHz~50kHz), and finally get the modulated wave. The modulated wave is actually the result of the "AND" of the encoded signal and the carrier signal.

The wireless remote control switch can be divided into 1-channel wireless remote switch, 2-channels wireless remote control switch, 4-channels wireless remote switch, 6-channels wireless remote switch, 8-channels wireless remote switch, 12-channels wireless remote switch, 15-channels wireless remote switch and 16-channels wireless remote switch. Multiple wireless remote switches can control multiple electronic devices.

Three working modes of wireless remote switch
When the wireless remote switch is in use, there are three working modes to choose from: Self-locking, Momentary, Interlocking.

Momentary, that is, press and hold one of the keys on the remote control, the corresponding relay is turned on, release the button on the remote control, the corresponding relay is turned off, and only one relay is turned on at a time. For example, 1-channel DC switch is controlled by a one-button remote control. Keep pressing the remote control button, the relay is always on, release the button, the relay is off.

Interlocking, press a button on the remote control, the corresponding relay is turned on, press another button, the corresponding relay is turned on, and the relay that was turned on before is turned off. It has a unique relationship, and only the one that was pressed each time One relay is connected, and the one that was connected before will be disconnected. For example, the 2-channels DC interlocking remote switch is controlled by a two-button remote control (A, B two button). When the A button is pressed, the relay corresponding to A will be turned on, when the B button is pressed, the relay corresponding to the B button will be turned on, and the relay corresponding to the A button will be turned off.

Self-locking, the same button controls one channel, press once to open, press again to close, can be controlled independently, and can have multiple on-off at the same time. For example, the 4-channels DC self-locking switch is controlled by a four-button remote control (ABCD four-button), when pressing A, the relay corresponding to A is turned on, and when A is pressed again, the relay corresponding to A is turned off, and the same is true for other buttons. Press ABCD four buttons one by one, then all four relays will be connected.

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