Remote Control Linear Actuator Kit

The remote control linear actuator kit contains a linear actuator, and a wireless RF remote switch. If you connect an electric linear actuator to the wireless remote switch, you can operate the electric linear actuator to extend or retract by the remote control.

It can used for trapdoors, windows, cars, elevator platforms, lifting tables, TV lifts, robots, cabinetries, massage sofas, electric beds, medical chairs and other electrical equipment. It can remote control open, close, push, pull, raise and lower these equipment.

Return or Exchange:
The Linear Actuators are the customized products, we need to produce them according to the specified parameters in your order, so that we do not accept returns or cancel orders. If customers order unsuitable linear actuators themselves, we also do not accept exchanges, please understand.

We can provide 3D CAD model files in STEP format for linear actuators. Please contact us by e-mail if you need them.


How to delete/pair the transmitter for the remote control switch

Use The Wireless Remote Switch to Control Heavy Duty Linear Actuator C (Model 0020512)