2000N A4 Linear Actuator Adjustable Stroke With Normally Closed Magnetic Reed Switch

The linear actuator with adjustable stroke. It is equipped with two external normally closed magnetic switches that can slide freely, and by adjusting the position of these two normally closed magnetic switches, the linear actuator can be controlled to work within the set stroke length. For example, for a linear actuator with a stroke of 500MM, you can set it to move within a stroke range of 150MM to 400MM.

Production time:
The linear actuators are the customized products, and these products are not in stock, we need to spend 3~7 working days to produce them according to the specified parameters in your order.

We can provide 3D CAD model files in STEP format for linear actuators. Please contact us by e-mail if you need them.


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Linear Actuator Packaging

Linear Actuator Unpackaging