What is a remote control socket?

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Remote control socket claims again power socket and switch socket, refers to the insertable seat of one or more circuit connections, can insert various wiring by it, is convenient to connect with other circuits. The power socket is an electrical device that provides a power interface for household appliances. It is also an electrical accessory that is used more in residential electrical design.

Remote control sockets are generally divided into two types, one is wireless socket and the other is infrared socket.

infrared socket
Infrared is a wireless communication method that can transmit wireless data. Since its invention in 1974, it has been widely used, such as infrared mouse, infrared printer, infrared keyboard and so on. Infrared characteristics, Infrared transmission is a point-to-point transmission method, wireless, can not be too far away, must be aligned in the direction, and there must be no obstacles in the middle, that is, it cannot pass through the wall, and it is almost impossible to control the progress of information transmission.

wireless socket
The wireless socket refers to the non-contact remote control of the controlled object, and is widely used in the fields of household appliances and lamps. The wireless socket can be used through the walls and not affected by locality. The wireless remote control and wireless transmission system improve the freedom of movement compared with wired and infrared devices. As a result, wireless remote control devices and wireless transmission systems are increasingly used in industrial fields. The advantages over cabling are low installation costs (no wiring, no underground works, no cable ducts), increased flexibility and reduced maintenance costs. The wireless socket does not need point-to-point transmission, and the remote control distance is as high as 5000M, and it is widely used.

Remote control socket can be controlled manually or remotely. Load power 500 watts. There is a three-hole socket in the middle, and a two-hole socket on each side. The socket head is a two-pin plug, which can be flexibly adjusted to adjust the direction of the plug to adapt to different socket heads. It is transformed from a tourist socket. The remote control of home appliances can basically learn to control the opening and closing of sockets.

Commonly used in TVs, computers, various lamps, fans, ceiling fans, various home appliances, etc.

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