1000M 433Mhz or 315Mhz Wireless RF Signal Repeater (Model 0010001)

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Package Include:
1 x Signal repeater: R-01
1 x User manual

The signal repeater is a transceiver equipment that relays wireless RF signal. It receives weak wireless signal and then send out this wireless signal with strong power to extend the transmission distance.
Two frequency versions are available: 315Mhz and 433Mhz, you need to choose same frequency for the repeater according to your signal.
Support multiple learning code and fixed code encoding chips.
Supports multiple oscillation resistors.
The repeater has learning function, it can learn and store 100 different transmitter signals.
The repeater only relays signals that have already been learned, avoiding other unrelated signals.

Working frequency: 315MHz / 433.92MHz
Working voltage: DC 12V
Support fixed code encoding chips: 2264, 2262, 2260, 2240
Support learning code encoding chips: 1527
Oscillation resistance range: 1.5M ~ 4.7M for fixed code, or 120K ~ 430K for learning code
Standby current: 30mA
Working current: 150~180mA
Transmission distance: 1000M in the open area
Transmission time: the same duration as the original signal was transmitted
Size: 100 x 90 x 35 mm (4.0 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches)

STATUS LED: Working status indicator
SIGNAL LED: When the signal is being relayed, this LED will flash rapidly.
POWER LED: The power indicator.

How to use the repeater:
1) Connect to DC 12V power supply to the repeater, and the power LED will be on.
2) Operate the repeater to learn the signal of the transmitter that need to be relayed.
3) Test: After you press the transmitter to transmit a signal, the signal LED flashes quickly, it means the repeater is repeating this signal.
4) Put the repeater in the suitable position between the transmitter and the receiver, and fully extend its telescopic antenna.

How to learn the signals:
Press and hold the button of repeater for about 4~5 seconds until the status LED flashes, then release the button. Press the transmitter to transmit a signal, the status LED turns off immediately. It means the repeater has successfully learned this signal.
The repeater can learn 100 signals with different codes.

How to delete all stored signals:
If you don't want the repeater to work with the transmitter, you can delete all the signals stored in the repeater.
Operation: Press and hold the button of repeater for about 9~10 seconds until the status LED flashes for 4 seconds and then turns off, then release the button. At this time, all stored signals are deleted.

1) The repeater cannot learn or transmit the null-code signal, such as the fixed-code signal with code 00000000.
2) The transmission time of each signal cannot be too long, and the best time is 1~5 seconds. If the transmission time is too long, the repeater is easily damaged.