12 CH 500m RF Wireless Remote Control Firework Ignitor System (Model 0020527)

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12 CH 500m RF Wireless Remote Control Firework Ignitor System

Package Include:
1 x Firework Ignition Controller : S12PS1-ANT1
1 x Remote Control : CP-12L
1 x User manual

Wireless control, easy to install.
It can ignite various kinds of electronic fireworks directly, or ordinary fireworks through an electric ignition head, which reduces accidents like skin burn and accidental explosions.
Disposable electric ignition head and reusable electric ignition head are optional.
Each channel of ignition controller can ignite several fireworks at the same time.
One transmitter can control many ignition controllers simultaneously.
The transmitter / remote can control the ignition controller from any place within a reliable working distance.
Wireless RF signal from the transmitter can pass through walls, floors, doors, or windows, but it will lose some operating range.
More reliable than fixed code, the remote control use EV1527 learning code chip, which is up to 1 million codes, reducing code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities.
With external telescopic antenna, the ignition controller has a farther working range.
Working Distance: 500M / 1500ft (theoretically)

Ignition Controller:
Model : S12PS1-ANT1
Channel : 12 CH (Each channel can ignite multiple electronic fireworks at the same time.)
Power Supply : 12VDC / 220VAC / 110VAC
Power Output : 12VDC (when 12VDC input), or 50VDC (when 220VAC input), or 25VDC (when 110VAC input)
Working Frequency : 433.92MHz
With test function and manual operation mode
Optional Plug Types : European standard plug, American standard plug, British standard plug, Australian standard plug.
Operating Temperature : -20℃ to +70℃
Case Size : 25 x 17 x 13 CM (10 x 6.7 x 5.1 inches)
Weight : 1.5KG

Matching Remote Controls:
The ignition controller can work with different remote controls, such as model CP-12L (500 Meter / 1500 feet), CV-12L (500 Meter / 1500 feet) or CB-12L (1000 Meter / 3000 feet).
The ignition controller can only work with one remote control at the same time.

Working Range:
This ignition controller and the remote control CP-12L form a complete set, the maximum working distance may reach 500 meters in an open area.
The maximum working distance is a theoretical data, it shall be operated in an open ground, no barriers, no interference. But in the practice, it will be hindered by trees, walls, or other construction, and will be interfered by other wireless signals. Therefore, the actual working distance may not reach this maximum distance.

Remote Control:
Model : CP-12L
Button : 12 buttons
Operating Voltage : 12V (1 x 23A -12V battery, can be used for 12 months)
Operating Current : 8mA
Working Frequency : 433.92MHz
Encode : EV1527 Learning code (up to 1 million codes, reducing code collision)
Remote Control Distance : 500m / 1500ft (theoretically)
If you stretch the telescopic antenna, it can have a further working range, which is twice as much as it used to be.
Unit Size : 128 x 37 x 12 mm (5 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches)

Operation :
1. Test the firework ignition controller :

1) Connect 220VAC or 110VAC power supply to the AC input socket of the controller, or connect 12VDC power supply to the DC input terminals of the controller.
2) Turn on the power switch on the controller, and switch the function switch to the <Test> position.
3) Press the 12 buttons on the controller or remote control one by one, if the corresponding signal LEDs flash one by one, it means that firework ignition controller is in good working condition.

2. Connect fireworks :
1) First turn off the power switch on the controller.
2) Connect two wires of each electronic firework to red and black terminals of each channel; or connect ordinary firework fuse to the electric ignition head, and then connect electric ignition head to red and black terminals.
3) If you want to connect multiple fireworks to the same channel, please connect them in series or in parallel to the same black and red terminals. (Suggest the series connection)
4) Turn on the power switch on the controller, if 12 signal LEDs are on, it means that all fireworks connections are correct.

3. Ignite fireworks :
1) Turn on the power switch on the controller, and switch the function switch to the <Fire> position.
2) Press any button on the remote control or controller, and the corresponding firework will be ignited.

Caution: Please make sure that the power switch of controller is off when you connect electronic fireworks or electric ignition head to controller.