2 Way wireless telephone remote control module (With Password, 6 Ringing) (Model 0040007)

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Wireless control, easy to install.
Control variety of home appliances and electronic products in any place worldwide by fixed telephone or mobile phone.
Remote control Lights, TVs, Motors, Fans, Cameras, Video/ Audio signals, Electrically operated Doors/ Locks/ Windows/ Curtains/ Bell or other equipments with voltage AC 110~240V or DC 0~48V.
Password protection
2 Ways relays output

Model No.: TC01
Channel: 2 CH
Relay: 10A/277VAC, 15A/125VAC
Size: 92mm x 44mm x 20mm
Power Supply: DC 12V
Static Current: 8mA

Connect DC 12V power supply and phone line to the controller.
Connect the equipments to the controller.
Dial the telephone number with which the controller sets up, the telephone could be connected automatically after 6 ringing. Then input “password” to enter into the menu, the preset password is 5678. If the password is wrong, the telephone will hang up automatically.
1) Press button 1: Turn on channel 1. (Connect two terminals of channel 1)
2) Press button 2: Turn off channel 1. (Disconnect two terminals of channel 1)
3) Press button 3: Turn on channel 2. (Connect two terminals of channel 2)
4) Press button 4: Turn off channel 2. (Disconnect two terminals of channel 2)
5) Modify the password (4 bits): Press button "*" + "new password" + "*"
6) Press button "#": Ring off.

Note A: If DC 12V power supply was cut off, the controller will be reverted to the preset password 5678.

Note B: If you do not press button “#”, the telephone will hang up automatically after 75 seconds.