200M 1 Button Waterproof Desktop Wireless Calling Button / Transmitter (Model 0021215)

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Remote control calling system is the hi-tech electronic product which is integrated wireless communication and computer technology. It includes calling button and calling receiver. Each system have one calling receiver and many calling buttons. When there is a calling from a calling button, calling receiver will display corresponding number.
It is widely applied to restaurants, coffee shops, karaoke rooms, discos, sauna rooms, beer houses, pubs, night clubs, bowling alleys, golf courses, video halls, hotels, hospitals, schools, chain stores ,shops…

Transmitting Frequency: 433.92Mhz
Working Voltage: 1 x 23A-12V battery
Working Current: 26mA
Coding Type: Learning code
Remote Control Distance: 200m /600ft (theoretical data in the open field)
Waterproof Case
Case Material: Plastic
Case Color: Wood grain
Case Size: 59mm*59mm*30mm

Stick the calling button to wall or desk. When you press its button, the calling receiver will display the corresponding number and make sounds.

Package Include:
1×Wireless Calling Button
1×23A-12V battery
1×Double-sided adhesive tape