6F22 Type 9V 650mAh USB Rechargeable Lithium Battery (Model 0010201)

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It can be used in products and devices that use 9V batteries, such as wireless microphones, multimeters, smoke alarms, electric guitars, walkie-talkies, metal detectors, massagers, toy remote controls, instruments, and meters, etc.

Product parameters:
Model: 0010201
Explosion-proof, safe and environmentally, recyclable.
No need for a charger, USB direct charging, compatible with android charging head.
Using intelligent lithium battery chip, stable output, long battery life.
Low self-discharge, and it can be stored for a long time.
Small internal resistance
Large load current
Charging indicator light: red light indicates charging; green light indicates fully charged.
Rated Voltage: 9V DC
Rated Capacity: 650mAh
1.5 hours fast charging.
With overcurrent, overcharge, over discharge, temperature, and short circuit protection
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C
Weight: 27g