8 Channels Relay Output Wireless WIFI Remote Switch For Android or iOS (Model 0022001)

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Application Video
Video of remote control Led Lamp
Video of remote control AC Lamp
Video of remote control DC Motor
Video of remote control AC Motor
Video of DIY: Use APP to remote control light, motor, solenoid valve and sound

Package Include:
1 x WIFI controller with antenna (WF-8-1R)
1 x DC 9V Power Adapter
1 x User manual

WIFI interface, control via WIFI connection
8-channel high-current relay output
Super mini size
Stable performance
Automatically obtain IP
Up to 32 Client connections for TCP Server mode
With external antenna for longer range
Support 2.1 ~ 8.0 version Android software system
Support 4.6 ~ 11.3 version iOS software system
Work on any android phones, android tablets, and only jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Technical Parameters:
Activating Time: 6s
Frequency Range: 2.412GHz - 2.484GHz
Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Transmitting Power: 802.11b: +20 dBm (Max.), 802.11g: +18 dBm (Max.), 802.11n: +15 dBm (Max.)
Receiving Sensitivity: 802.11b: -89dBm, 802.11g: -81dBm, 802.11n: -71dBm
Antenna Interface: I-PEX connector
Antenna: 3DBI
Interface Rate: 57600bps
Security Mechanism: WEP / WAP-PSK / WAP2-PSK / WAPI
Encryption: WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP / AES
Network Operating Mode: TCP Server
Relay Output: 8 Channels
Output Terminals: Normally open and normally closed
Relay Working Mode: Toggle, Momentary, Latching, Time delay, All On and All Off
Working Voltage Range of Relay: AC110~240V or DC0~28V
Maximum Working Current of Relay: 10A for each channel
Working Temperature: -20℃- 80℃
Working Voltage: 9V
Working Current: 200mA ~ 700mA
WIFI Working Distance: 150m (theoretically)
PCB Size: 115mm x 75mm x 24mm
Case Size: 142mm x 82mm x 38mms

Applied in modern agriculture field, smart home, instruments, equipment control
WiFi remote control lights, motors, fan, electric doors / windows, aircraft, remote cars, remote toys, rolling blinds, pumps, winches, or other electrical devices with voltage AC110~240V or DC0~28V.

Connect the electrical devices you want to control to the output terminals (B&C) of WIFI controller.

Reset Button: Press the button, WIFI Start-up LED will off, that means WIFI Module is off; after 5 seconds, WIFI Start-up LED will automatically on, that means WIFI Module also on.
Reload Button: Press and hold 3 seconds, restore factory settings, that means restore WIFI Module’s original password.

Usage of Android software system:
1. WIFI Controller software Installation:
1) Copy the WIFI Controller software to your mobile phone. Then find out the software icon “WifiControl.apk” and click.
2) Click “install” icon to install the software.

2. WIFI Controller Connection:
1) Switch on the power of WIFI controller. Wait until power led and wifi start-up led turn on.
2) Click “Set up” icon on your mobile phone. Then Click “WLAN” icon.
3) You will see all wireless networks. Select “USR-WIFI232-B2”.
4) Then click “USR-WIFI232-B2”. The wireless network connection is successful.

3. Operation:
1) After wireless network connection, click the icon of WIFI Controller software to open it.
2) IP address and Port number are default. Click “Connect” icon. The color of icon changes to green. It means connection is successful.
3) Set up working mode for each channel of relay. Four working modes Toggle, Momentary, Latching and Time Delay are provided. (The default control mode is Toggle for all channels.)

Set up Toggle control mode: Click the ▼ icon of any channel. Choose T (Toggle) control mode.
Click the icon and the color of icon changes to green, the corresponding relay will be on. Click the icon again, the relay will be off.

Set Momentary control mode: Click the ▼ icon of any channel. Choose M (Momentary) control mode.
Click the icon and hold, the color of icon changes to green; the corresponding relay will be on. Release the icon, the relay will be off.

Set up Latching control mode: Click the ▼ icon of any channel. Choose L (Latching) control mode.
Note: It requires two or more relays to be set as latching mode. The relays are interlocked. Only one relay will be on at a time.
Click icon 1 and the color of icon changes to green, turn on relay 1; other relays will be off. Click icon 2, turn on relay 2; other relays will be off.

Set up Time Delay control mode: Click “0s” icon of any channel. Enter the delay time, then click “Ok” icon. The adjustable delay time is range from 1 second to 99 hours. For example, if you want 2 minutes delay time, you can set 120 (s). If you want 1 hour delay time, you can set 3600 (s).
Click the icon, the corresponding relay will be on. After certain delay time, the relay will be off automatically.

Only when the delay time is 0 second can Toggle, Momentary and Latching modes be chosen. It means after the delay time is set (1 second ~ 99 hours), other three modes are invalid.
During delay time, you can’t exit from the software. And wifi network can’t be disconnected. Otherwise, the time delay operation will become abnormal.