AC 110V or 220V or 380V Contactor Motor Starter Relay 3-Phase Pole 50A (Model 0040009)

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ABS flame retardant plastics
AC contactor (aka motor starter) is a high capacity relay. It is often used to control a motor or as a main power switch.
It’s used for long range connection and circuit disconnection, frequent activation and controlling AC motor

Model No: 0040009
Three main contact: All Normally Open
Two auxiliary contact: One Normally Open Contact and One Normally Closed Contact
Contact: Silver
Max. Current: 50A
Contact Rating: 220V/50A/15KW, or 380V/50A/22KW, or 690V/39A/33KW
Control (Coil) Voltage:110V, or 220V, or 380VAC (You must specify the coil voltage. Otherwise, 220V coil will be sent out as default choice)
Weight: 1170g
Dimensions: 129mm x 77mm x 116mm, or 5" (W) x 3" (D) x 4-1/2" (H)
Mounting Method: 35mm/75mm DIN Rail or Screw On