Multi Functional Voltage Detection Relay Controller with Time Timing / Delay Function (Model 0025002)

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This controller is compatible with a variety of operating modes, each mode can work independently or together. It use LED digital tube to display. It features in controlling relay by time timing function, time delay function, voltage control function, and voltmeter function, applies to automatic control field, product testing, DIY etc.

Technical Parameter:
Working Voltage: DC 10~15V
Standby Current: ≤10mA
Dimension: 50mm x 40mm
Contact Mode: normally open and normally closed
Contact Load: 10A
Operating Temperature: -30 ~ +85°C
Timing Range: 0-999 seconds or 0-999 minutes
Voltage Detection Range: DC 0~99.9 V (±0.1V)
In time control mode, can set the relay contact on and off time
In voltage control mode, can preset upper and lower limit of voltage value
The pre-set parameters can be saved after power cut down

Working modes:
P-1: Time timing mode (1-999 S / 1-999 Min)
P-2: Time delay mode (1-999 S / 1-999 Min)
P-3: Voltage control mode (pre-set upper / lower limit of voltage detection, control relay open / close)
P-4 Mixed mode: Voltage control and Time timing mode
P-5 Mixed mode: Voltage control and Time delay mode
P-6: Voltage overrun control mode
P-7 Mixed mode: Voltage overrun control and time control mode