Super Heterodyne RF Wireless Receiver Module Without Decoder (Model 0020278)

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Model No.: 0020278
Working Voltage: DC 5V (4.5V~5.5V)
Working Current: 4~5mA
RF Sensitivity: -115dBm
Modulation Method: Amplitude modulation (ASK)
Output Level: TTL Level (5V)
Output Type: Serial Output
Working Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
Size: 22mm x 9mm x 5mm
Frequency: We can offer 433.92MHz or 315MHz, you can choose one.
Adopt crystal oscillator to stabilize receiving frequency
High sensitivity and reliable performance

The RF receiver modules are widely used for remote controls, monitoring, smart home, remote control switches, remote control lights, remote control toys, anti-theft alarms, garage doors, roller shutter, retractable doors and so on.

VCC voltage should be as same as the module working voltage and have power filter.
It is best to use the antenna of 1/4 wavelength, for antenna has a great impact on receiving effect of the module; normally using 50Ω single core cable. For frequency 315MHz, the length of antenna is about 23cm; for 433MHz, it is about 17cm. The position of antenna also affects the receiving effect of the module. When installing the antenna should be extended as much as possible and be away from the shield and the place in high pressure and interference.
This receiving module needs to cooperate with a decoding chip (such as PT2272) or use a Microcontroller Unit (MCU) to decode.
The receiving frequency, decoding mode and timing resister should be compatible with the transmitter.
The demodulation of broadband is adjustable. The demodulation of broadband of normal product is 2.5K.

Introduction of pin (from left to right)

Pins Name Function
1 ANT Antenna
2 VCC Positive power supply
3,4 DATA Data output
5 GND Negative power supply