Transmitter Encoder IC: PT2262 / SC2262 (Model 0040021)

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Model No.: 0040021 (PT2262 / SC2262)
Size: 24mm x 8mm x 7.5mm
Up to 12 tri-state code address pins
Up to 6 data pins
Up to 531441 address codes
Low power consumption
Few external components
RC resister oscillator
Wide range of operating voltage: 2.6-15V
Can be used for vehicle anti-theft system, home security system, remote control toys and so on

A0~A7 is address pin; used for address code and can be set three states: 0, 1, 2.
D0~D3 is data pin
Vcc: positive power supply
Vss: negative power supply
Dout: encoding output
TE: encoding starting
OSC1: timing resister input
OSC2: timing resister output