Wireless WiFi Controller / RF Signal Converter / Bridge / WiFi-RF Wireless Remote Switch Mobile Phone And Internet Remote Control (Model 0022003)

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Package Include:
1 x WiFi to RF Converter
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual

Product Introduction:
This product is a WIFI controller. It connects to the Internet through wireless WIFI signals, and uses the mobile phone APP to achieve various remote controls.
This product can quickly learn the remote controls of traditional RF control devices, such as the remote controls of curtains, lights, doors or security devices, and wirelessly control the relevant RF devices by transmitting the same RF signal. Finally realize remote control through the mobile phone APP anytime and anywhere. Traditional RF remote controls have a limited range of control. This product can replace RF remote controls through signal conversion to transform traditional RF remote control devices into smart devices which can be remotely controlled via mobile phones and the Internet.
This product has the function of linkage alarm and application scene. It can cooperate with various wireless security accessories, such as infrared detectors, door magnetic sensors, smoke detectors, emergency call buttons and so on to achieve linkage alarm function, such as strangers break into the alarm, fire smoke alarm and other different application scenarios. This product can also be used as an alarm host. And you can view alarm messages at anytime and anywhere on the mobile phone.
This product has a super-strong timing function that can achieve a variety of complex timing control and automatic loop control.

Product Application:
1. It can combine various RF control systems to remote control various devices through mobile phones and the Internet. And it applies to industrial, agricultural, commercial and home automation and other fields. Such as the control of various lighting, curtains, electric doors, electronic locks, electric machinery, fans, winches, linear actuators, solenoid valves and other devices, and the control of security alarm equipment, factory or farm equipment and vehicle or marine equipment.
2. Especially when the controlled device is in a place without a network, using this product in combination with a RF control system can achieve remote control of the device through the mobile phone and the Internet.
3. Combined with various wireless security accessories, this product can realize the linkage alarm function in different scenarios, such as strangers break into the alarm, fire smoke alarm and so on. This product can also be used as an alarm host. And you can view alarm messages at anytime and anywhere on the mobile phone.

Product Parameters:
Dimension: 62mm x 62mm x 20mm
Operating voltage: 5V/1A (powered by Micro USB interface)
WiFi operating frequency: 2.4GHz
RF system working distance: 50 to 100 meters (in an open environment)
Working temperature: -40°C~85°C

Product Feature:
It is ultra-small size and easy to install.
It connects to the Internet via WiFi.
The RF system uses an external retractable antenna to provide a longer working distance.
It can learn up to 4 remote controls and can control up to 16 switches.
Supports the frequency of the learned RF remote controls:433MHz
Most fixed code and learning code remote controls are supported, such as the remote control chip models PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527 etc.
Dynamic codes (rolling codes) and encrypted remote controls are not supported.
Remote controls of infrared signal such as the remote controls of TV and air-conditioning are not supported.
It can be remotely controlled by mobile phone APP in any place where there is a mobile phone signal.
Two kinds of APPs for Android and iOS are available for free.
The Android version of the APP supports a variety of mobile phones or tablet devices of Android systems.
The iOS version of the APP supports a variety of Apple phones or Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
APP supports English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and other languages.
Multiple working modes: self-locking, interlocking, delay, ordinary timing, loop timing and custom scenes. The delay, normal timing and loop timing functions are only available for self-locking RF receivers, and the time settings can be accurate to minutes.
Delay function: The device will automatically turn off when the set time reached. The minimum delay time is 1 minute and the maximum delay time is 24 hours.
Ordinary timing function: Users can set the device to run automatically at different times during the day. You can set up to 4 groups of timing, each set of timing includes a time to turn on the device and a time to turn off the device.
Loop timing function: User can set a run time and a loop time to set the device to run repeatedly and automatically. For example, set an oxygen pump of a fish tank to start once every hour, each time runs for 20 minutes, and the loop is repeated automatically.
Supports customized scene settings which can be adapted to different occasions, and achieve automatic control without the mobile phone.